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About Red Cow
About us

Find out about the people behind Redcow

Here at Red Cow we are passionate about the fact that everyone can be creative.  After 20 years of full time teaching the time had come for a new challenge outside of the classroom.  I decided I wanted to teach people creative skills in a fun way through bespoke workshops, special occasion parties for children and adults. So Red Cow was born!

From growing up on a farm full of Red Ruby Devon Cattle in very rural North Devon my family life was based around make do and mend. From homemade trailer village carnival  entries to styling a comfortable but individual home my wonderful parents were upcycling before it was considered a thing. My lovely brother and I had a childhood full of  'made with love' things from toys to reupholstered furniture and of course - matching outfits! Today my mum shares my love of making, and nearly everything is mendable with the skills of  my father and brother!

“Early crafting fun upcycling a box with my brother”

Early Crafting
Red Cow

We moved into a large estate farmhouse which we have shared with my very long suffering In laws.  I found myself creating my own home which I furnished with cheap finds from country auctions and enjoyed styling in my own way. Surely everyone has Christmas curtains and seasonal china? Outside the farmhouse I was surrounded by luscious countryside and more red cattle, but this time Pedigree Limousins. 

At school as well as teaching children I learnt from an amazing educator about how to teach a creative vibrant curriculum and how to encourage children to love their learning.

Several years ago I  gathered my gorgeous neighbouring farm wives to create our own Stitch group which has seen us through many joyous but also hard times. We have become threaded through each others lives. 

 James and I have now been married for nearly 20 years.  We have 2 children  William and Harry with their own passions for our rural way life and their own pedigree red cattle. My son William has his very own two cows Lulu and Meg, both are Red and White Holsteins. Meg is our very own poster girl and she delightfully posed for our cover photo. Perhaps one day her milk will be on your cornflakes!

Throughout all this there has been a burning passion to be creative and help others become more creative too.  So, I hope that you will  let Red Cow create your treasured memories. Come an attend a workshop or let us plan a celebration that will be homemade by us for you. 

A New Label Was Born

When I left home for university why wouldn't my sewing machine go with me ? I found myself whizzing up all sorts from 70's outfits to evening dresses!

After qualifying to be a teacher I found that creativity came in many forms and that anything is possible if it is broken down into simple steps.  Having  met a kind and funny man it became obvious he was a keeper. So  James and I married with a fabulous homemade  wedding. Mum and I made all the dresses and outfits and kind friends helped me to decorate a tiny country church.